Man on the bench: Chapter 2

The picturesque of his house, if translated into poetry, would have made a good oxymoronic speech as it stood elegantly adjoining the filthy native fisherman settlements. Just like a little joy in mounds of distress or little truth among an ocean of lies or vice versa.


How did Sandip end up in a mental asylum? Things were pretty fine until he spotted a man on the bench. Xavier was definitely not ordinary. The chain of event between them made Sandip lose the sense of reality. While he was stuck in a state of deep conundrum of his past.


Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Book Review: Murder on the rocks (no spoilers

Speaking of novels, what genre is better than a mystery/thriller. Although classics are my favourite genre, but for a change I decided to shift to the new era literature. Murder on the Rocks, written by Karen MacInerney published in 2006. I was motivated, partly, to read this novel because of the fact that it was nominated for Agatha award for best first novel.


Natalie, the protagonist, is a Texan who has shifted to the cranberry Island near Maine, Italy in order to start her own bed and breakfast business. The island is about half a mile in area with sparse population. Natalie had spent a fortune for buying the Greywhale Inn, and despite it being not able to fetch her a living she is not able to quit the business as she has to pay the bank mortgage that she took to buy the inn. Natalie came to know that one of the guest she had been hosting, Bernard Katz, who was a eminent hotelier, was intending to take over her Inn and make a parking lot for his soon-to-be resort. Natalie tried her best to persuade the island committee to reject Bernard Katz’s proposal. She also used a social movement group Save our terns to persuade the committee that with that resort being built the terns would lose their habitat. However, without any progress.

With her intention to see the damage already done to the terns’ nest, she went up the cliff where she finds that her competitor Bernanrd Katz was lying dead. She became a prime suspect for the murder. And now she did everything in order to save her dream.

Since, no islander wanted Katz to build his resort as it would have seriously damage the environment, no name could be spared. And Bernard Katz’s son had been facing financial instability, he also cannot be spared.

The novel comes with many turns and twists, many flavours sour and sweet.

My Take: I found the novel quite engaging and intriguing. Without doubt, the writer used the setting too efficiently such as the cliff (where she left us with the cliffhanger with the murder of Bernard Katz, XP) or when her niece Gwen is stuck in a storm or even in the climax.

Character’s true nature: The beauty of the novel improved when the character (including the islanders) cherished their personality throughout the story. For eg.: Charlene was a gossip queen, and also the reliable information gatherer for the protagonist. At times, Author tried to enforce the Texan accent in order to bring out true character of the protagonist. John, the love interest of the protagonist, was pleasant and helpful towards the protagonist. Eleazor, was a chilled out person throughout the story (even though he was 70 yrs old). While Gwen was naïve in the beginning, but as the protagonist dug into her she came to know about her hidden talent. The protagonist was shown highly efficient and committed to her business.

The pace of the novel: The pace of the novel went well throughout the story. In the start the author focused more on planting the clues for the mystery. For example: Barabara said that she will use ‘alternative tactics’ to stop Bernard Katz. Or when Ingrid voted for the construction of resort. As the novel proceeded, the author unravelled the true intention of the clues. And in the end, the author finally proceeded to unveil the location of climax.

Film Review: Light Sleeper(1992)

Starring: Willem Dafoe, Susan Sarandon, Dena Delany Have you ever felt that you try to prevent things from falling apart but ultimately, can’t. Or when everything seems to about to be in your grip but you lose your catch. The movie is a story about a recovering drug addict John LeTour. The title suggests, light […]

Film Review: Light Sleeper(1992)
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